The Blunt Rose is written by an older-than-average chemistry student working towards grad school. This blog chronicles real-life adventures and ponders various other topics. Any names presented have been changed.

The author works multiple jobs* to support school costs and, despite these jobs and attending classes, puts about 10-20 hours of unpaid labor into helping the transgender community every week. This time is spent answering parents’ questions about their trans kids’ needs, writing relevant petitions and collecting signatures, helping transgender individuals understand peer-reviewed medical journal articles in order to better advocate for themselves with their doctors, teaching awareness workshops, and more. If you would like to donate to the author as a nod of appreciation for this unpaid labor, you can support the author, or a Patreon patron.

*Both of the author’s day jobs have disappeared due to Covid-19 closures. The author now relies on Patreon income and writing gigs while looking for work.

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