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Parade Tag

Are you looking to get some exercise, connect a little with some people who aren’t in your house without resorting to Zoom, and do it all while safely following prevention measures? Here is a game for you to consider: Parade Tag!

Parade Tag Instructions

  1. Get a committed participants list in walking distance of one another.
  2. Pick a parade theme that you can dress up for while masked, and be sure it is one that the participants will be able to afford to engage with. Depending on the culture in your area, it may be best to decide this before working on Step 1.
  3. Pick an order of households to create your parade loop and make sure everyone knows what the order is so they know where they are going.
  4. Schedule a parade day that works for everyone. Depending on the culture in your area, it may be best to pick the schedule first before working on Step 1.
  5. Plan your household’s costumes.
  6. The first group goes to the next house and waves through the windows. Dancing and silliness are recommended but not required. After they’ve retreated a safe distance on their way back home, the second group leaves and goes to the third house. And so on, until the last group goes to the first house.


If you have people who want to participate but cannot leave their homes, place them in the loop anyway. The people right before them on the list can wave through the windows to them, then continue on to the next house.

Make sure everyone is in agreement ahead of time about what a “safe distance away before the next group leaves their house” is. You can also mark these distances on the ground with chalk ahead of time if sidewalk chalk is permitted in your area.